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Polyshot Corporation Inc. was founded in 1989 by Mr. Doug Hepler. In the fall of that same year, Mr. Hepler and Polyshot's first employee, Mr. Louis Borrelli, started working in a rented 250 sq. ft. office with two folding tables, two telephones and a list of potential customers Mr. Borrelli gathered from telephone books at the local library.
At the time, Polyshot only manufactured heated sprue bushings, and it was soon evident that expansion into manifold systems was the next step. Polyshot created its first manifolds for their electrical connector industry customers, which were previous Polyshot heated sprue bushing customers.

After growing out of 2 more rented facilities, Polyshot purchased land and build its first dedicated hot runner facility in 2001. This facility was 12,500 sq. ft. and sat on a 4 acre campus. In the winter of 2008, Polyshot embarked on a major expansion increasing its size to 28,500 sq. ft. and renovating its existing facility. The expansion now houses Polyshot's CNC machining facility and its employee/customer lounge.

Another great opportunity for growth came in 2019 when Redbarn Pet Products, a manufacturer of healthy dog and cat food, treats, and chews, acquired Polyshot. As a family owned private company, Redbarn proudly boasts over 500 employees. Polyshot will continue to run as a separate business under the leadership of Lou Borrelli, who now serves as the company’s General Manager.

Polyshot continues to manufacture Melt Delivery Systems in West Henrietta, New York. Polyshot is focused on continued growth with our molding partners worldwide. Contact us for more information about our capabilities. For more information about Redbarn visit www.redbarn.com

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The Polyshot catalog is
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produced ensuring both
print and online versions
are always the same.
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Polyshot is pleased to announce a significant price reduction on its industry leading Single
Nozzle Valve Gate System, patent pending. Due to its extreme success in the marketplace
we have been able to increase our manufacturing volumes and lower the price with no impact
to its quality or performance.

In addition to the M11 Polyshot Single Nozzle Valve Gate price reduction, we have
also lowered the M15, higher capacity Version to $4,490.00.

Power – 400 lbs of pin force, 4 times the pin force of any pneumatically operated single nozzle
valve gate in the industry.

Size – The entire system fits within the mold locating ring.

Capabilities – Can process resins up to 700 degrees F. (370 degrees C.).
Excellent for clear medical parts.

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Learn how to install a
heater and thermo-
couple in a 050M or
MS75 nozzle.

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Justify your hot runner
purchase! Simply
Choose a mold, enter
your cost, and price out
the result with our online

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