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Polyshot Hot Runners Used in Plant Based Resin Applications
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 When an eco-conscious entrepreneur wanted to introduce a new line of biodegradable dishware, it went to Holbrook Tool & Molding www.holbrooktool.com of Meadville PA. Holbrook designed and produced molds to produce a bowl, plate and tumbler for the application. Holbrook also is producing the parts in its class 100,000 clean room molding facility.

The entire product line is quite unique. The first thing that is noticed is its physical appearance. All the items have a sweeping, asymmetrical look to them, which no doubt kept Holbrook's computers crunching cutter paths and high speed cnc machines busy cutting the cavities.
The material used to produce the entire product line is made from a plant-derived sugar. It is a blend of polyhydroxybutyric acid (PBH) copolymers, additives and mineral fillers that is biodegradable in home and industrial composting systems. It is also dishwasher safe, BPA-free, looks and feels like a traditional polymer produced product.
The molds are injected with Polyshot Heated Sprue Bushing technology with specifically designed Conan style probes. The injection point is direct gated into the center and rear of all the parts.
Plant based resins, in general, are extremely sensitive to degradation from overheating, gate shear and injection speed. Polyshot was able to custom size a probe/nozzle combination that allowed an excellent balance of fill speed, injection pressure and part packing. The end result was excellent cosmetics on the parts and a cycle time 8% lower than quoted.



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Polyshot is pleased to announce a significant price reduction on its industry leading Single
Nozzle Valve Gate System, patent pending. Due to its extreme success in the marketplace
we have been able to increase our manufacturing volumes and lower the price with no impact
to its quality or performance.

In addition to the M11 Polyshot Single Nozzle Valve Gate price reduction, we have
also lowered the M15, higher capacity Version to $4,490.00.

Power – 400 lbs of pin force, 4 times the pin force of any pneumatically operated single nozzle
valve gate in the industry.

Size – The entire system fits within the mold locating ring.

Capabilities – Can process resins up to 700 degrees F. (370 degrees C.).
Excellent for clear medical parts.

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Learn how to install a
heater and thermo-
couple in a 050M or
MS75 nozzle.

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