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Customer Testimonials
Mark Valletta
Project Engineer
Tessy Plastics Corporation
After some extended testing, your Conan heated sprue bushing handles LCP with no perceivable process change to the part. We currently have 5 medical molds running with this bushing. Two more molds are being converted now. I currently have 5 bushings more on order and will order approx 5 more in the next few weeks. The high cost of LCP makes the pay back very quick and we reduce material waste.
Paul Puniello
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Smith & Nephew
The PEEK we run is prone to freezing in with a “competitors” the hot sprue. It was a struggle to get repeatability from shot to shot. The Polyshot team retrofitted a Polyshot "Conan C" hot sprue. It fit seamlessly into my mold performed perfectly. I was able to eliminate “freeze-offs” with a lower temperature to boot. I was absolutely amazed.

Rob Cruz
Design Engineer Group Leader
Founded in 1948 in Buffalo, NY, Caplugs has been a leader in the product protection industry for 60 years, and has required a hot manifold supplier to live up to our reputation. Polyshot has been there for us and our customers since day one. Polyshot continues to develop new technology, which is helping Caplugs improve our current cycles and part appearances. Not only is Polyshot our vendor, but they are like family. Their educated and field experienced support team is a phone call away. Polyshot staff have visited Caplugs and helped solve many opportunities we have had. This is something not offered by other companies. The bottom line is quality products & customer service; money is not the bottom line with Polyshot.

Robert Cruz
Design Engineer Group Leader
Caplugs (Protective Industries)
2150 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14207-1984 U.S.A.
Phone: 716-876-9855 ext 3276
Fax: 716-874-1680

Wayne Nielsen
Mold Manufacturing Manager
Phillips Multishot
I have Found Polyshot and their employees to be very supportive and helpful when there are challenges even if its not their issue. Very customer service oriented and the quality is second to none. It is a pleasure doing business with them.


Wayne Nielsen
Mold Manufacturing Manager
Phillips Multishot
1233 International Drive
Eau Claire Wi. 54701
Dave Barr
Engineering Manager
Integrity Plastics, Inc.
Working with Polyshot to get a custom Hot Runner system to meet our needs, could be used as a model for all business and how we could all work together.
The product, professionalism, workmanship, ability to react to your needs, warranty, honesty and just down right pleasant to work with. There are many good hot runner systems out there to choose from and it's almost like the Ford verses Chevy mentality when choosing one. But when it comes down to it...it's all about getting a great product at a reasonable price with backing and support that in my opinion beats them all hands down.
Jon Sheehan
Sales/Program Manager
Accutech Mold and Machine
Here at AMM we have used many different hot manifold systems. Over the years we have decided that there is only one that delivers a great product with great service. In our industry you need both. Polyshot continues to turn out a great looking product while maintaining a high standard of quality. If there are problems you need the manufacture to come through for you and Polyshot has done that for us and our customers. –Jon Sheehan-

Scott Basilius
Scott Basilius
Basilius, Inc. is a injection molder / mold builder located in Ohio. We have used many hot runner systems over the last 30 to 35 years. When we select a hot runner system, we put our reputation on the line. The Polyshot hot runner systems have proven to be very robust and reliable.

Lou Romano
Polyshot is the real deal when it comes to value. They have designed custom manifolds to each situation that our parts required. From a single hot sprue bushing to multiple drops, to sequential firing of five different drops on one part for maximum performance - Polyshot has been there every inch of the way, from providing technical assistance in the design phase, to being present at first sampling for support, and everything in between. Exceptional service at competitive pricing. The entire Polyshot team “gets it” and is a pleasure to work with. In the world of competitive mold making, it’s nice to add an “A” player to your team! Keep up the good work!

Roger Fox
General Manager / V.P Manufacturing, Rochester NY
Accede Mold
Over the past 30 years Accede has prided itself with supplying full service tooling solutions to the plastic industry. With full service comes demanding expectations from our hot manifold suppliers. Over the past 10 years Poly shot has proven them self to stand behind everything they have done not only with outstanding service but complete technical support upfront. We not only recommend Polyshot hot manifolds to our customers but see them as a key part of our success moving forward.

Evangelos Varvaros
R&D Manager, Athens Greece
The first thing that got my attention with Polyshot was their super fast response time when we had an issue or we needed spare parts. The technical team gave us full support and provided us with reliable solutions in order to optimize the design on new products. Polyshot team is very flexible & professional and this is what makes our collaboration very successful
Paul Foley
Process Manager
ITW Tomco
I have used almost every hot runner system available and Polyshot is outstanding. The fast quotation process and delivery as promised are all good qualities but the best feature Of Polyshot is integrity. When I have had problems during new tool start up, they have stood behind their product with quick technical response, fast replacement items and a willingness to stay with a problem until it is solved. They are great to work with.
Tommy Wagner
Kendallville Business Unit Facilitator
ITW Tomco
I currently supervise the use of 6 Polyshot hot runner systems of various complexity. These system have been in operational production for over 3 years and have provided very consistent and dependable results. As an automotive supplier in this new age, flexibility and dependability have become paramount, the Polyshot systems have made meeting this benchmark very attainable. The systems are very user friendly, preventative and predictive maintenance strategies are very straight forward and inexpensive, and the customer support is excellent.

We have used several other hot runner systems in the past and Polyshot provides the necessary tools to allow us to continue to meet a challenging customer schedule with confidence. The systems are very effective, but simplistic and robust. From the quoting process to on time arrival of systems and parts, Polyshot continues to meet and exceed the expectation. Their focus on new technologies and incorporating those technologies into what works for customer needs is inspiring.

Please continue to lead the charge as a benchmark hot runner supplier.

Thomas Wagner
ITW Tomco Kendallville
Business Unit Facilitator

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Polyshot is pleased to announce a significant price reduction on its industry leading Single
Nozzle Valve Gate System, patent pending. Due to its extreme success in the marketplace
we have been able to increase our manufacturing volumes and lower the price with no impact
to its quality or performance.

In addition to the M11 Polyshot Single Nozzle Valve Gate price reduction, we have
also lowered the M15, higher capacity Version to $4,490.00.

Power – 400 lbs of pin force, 4 times the pin force of any pneumatically operated single nozzle
valve gate in the industry.

Size – The entire system fits within the mold locating ring.

Capabilities – Can process resins up to 700 degrees F. (370 degrees C.).
Excellent for clear medical parts.

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Learn how to install a
heater and thermo-
couple in a 050M or
MS75 nozzle.

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